Submit Your Company

Astir IT Solutions, Inc. is looking for IT consulting and staffing companies to become trusted vendor partners. Due to the vast amount of technical requirements Astir receives from clients, we have created this Partner Program in order to enable vendor partners to submit their candidates to our open requirements.

In order to become an Astir Partner, you must fill out a short questionnaire. In order to access this questionnaire, CLICK HERE. This questionnaire will serve as an application for entry into the Astir Partner Program. Entry criteria will include, but not be limited to: company size, revenue, and company reputation.

Once a company is accepted into the Astir Partner Program as a vendor, a master services agreement (MSA) will need to be completed. This MSA will expedite any future submissions by our vendor partners, and must be completed before any candidate submissions can be made.

There are 2 ways for your company to submit your IT candidates:

  • The vendor contact person will have their email address added into our communication list. The vendor will be able to submit IT candidates via the contact information provided in regards to a specific requirement.
  • The vendor contact person will be provided with login credentials (username and password) for the Astir Partner Portal. This portal will contain the entire list of open requirements Astir makes available to members of the Astir Partner Program. IT candidates can be submitted to any open requirement directly through this portal.

Please be sure to visit the entire Astir Family of Companies at :

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